Tuesday, October 25, 2011

It's a Bird...It's a Plane... NO it's BAT KITTY!!!

Dunananana……. Dunananana……. Dunananana…..


Faster than a speeding bullet. More cunning than a fox. Able to jump incredible distances in a single bound. Can consume quantities of food larger than herself. Rescuing helpless books as they tumble to the ground. Bringing lost stuffed animals back to their homes. Protecting library patrons from reaching total and complete boredom annihilation.

It’s a Bird… It’s a Plane… NO it’s BAT KITTY!!!

Today’s day started out like any other. I’d had my bowl of milk, and was just settling down to scan through the list of new books. My ears perked up as I heard a *KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK* on my door. “Come in,” I meowed. In walked Erin clutching a picture almost in tears. “You must help me Bat Kitty. Terry’s Hedwig has been owl-napped!”

I listened as she sputtered out all the details. Erin had just walked into the children’s room to shelve some books and upon her return she found this picture and a note saying that we must pay Hedwig’s ransom or Hedwig would be sent to live with Draco Malfoy. 

“Please Bat Kitty! Help me find Hedwig before it’s too late.” I accepted the mission. I felt that it was my duty to save this poor defenseless owl. Plus Erin told me that she’d pay me in treats. So with all the paperwork in order I started my search for the missing owl. The first place I headed was the scene of the crime. For the past two weeks Hedwig has been perched on the top of the Harry Potter Movie Party display, telling patrons about the upcoming events at the library. I dusted for fingerprints. I pounced for footprints. I even sang for something, for anything that might help me find this missing owl. In the end I came up empty pawed. I had given up hope of finding anything that could lead me to Hedwig and started to walk away. Just as I did my tail snagged the corner of the display, bringing it to the ground. When the dust cleared, sitting on the top of the mess was the clue I had been looking for.

I now held in my paw the clue that I needed to solve this mystery. This clue was none other than a picture of the paw of the kidnapper. From here my task was simple. For the next few minutes I slunk around the library taking pictures of who was in the library when the owl-napping had occurred. Now I just had to compare the pictures that I took of their hands to the picture of the owl-napper’s hand. I soon had my answer.

I lined all the suspects up, ready to divulge the conclusion I had come to. “Erin I’m pleased to tell you that I have figured out who the owl-napper is. After much searching and research I can say without a shadow of a doubt that the owl-napper was…… KATHY!” “Muawhahaha. Very good Bat Kitty But you will never find Hedwig. She’s already halfway to Draco’s by now” cackled Kathy. “Oh but I’ve already found her,” gloated Bat Kitty. “That was the simple part. I knew she’d have to be caged to be shipped, and that my cage would be an easy one to use. I checked there and that’s just where I found her.” “You’ve saved her!” squealed Erin. “I would have gotten away with this,” howled Kathy “If it weren’t for you Bat Kitty.”

I placed Kathy in time out to think about what she had done. Erin sat Hedwig back up where she belonged just as Terry came in the door. I’d say today was a successful one. I helped a damsel in distress, freed a caged owl and placed the culprit in timeout. Such is a day in the life of…