Friday, August 19, 2011

Lets Timewarp in Our Box Fort

Let's do the timewarp again.... It's just a jump to your left... and a step to your right.... put your hands on your hips... and pull your knees in tight.... and do the pelvic thrust..... and you sha-a-a-ake..... Lets do the timewarp again.

I was sucked into a timewarp today as I helped Erin put up an Eric Carle display. The Very Hungry Caterpillar was one of my all time favorite books when I was just a kitten. That and the Bad Kitty books. The Kitty in those books reminds me of myself. Bad Kitty's newest adventure is about to hit the Library shelves. Alice and Vickie are about done processing it! I'm super excited I can't wait to get my paws on it. The title is Bad Kitty Meets the Baby. Note to self, research what a baby is....BRB (be right back) *Google searching*...... OHHHHH That's what a baby is....Bad Kitty is in for some fun!

Speaking of new books. All the new book shelves are full and there's hardly any room for me to jump up on to them. I think patrons need to come in and check them all out. I miss my stalking spots. Nothing beats creeping on patrons from above when they have no idea. (heheheheheheheh)

*ears perk up* I think I just heard the UPs truck pull up! That means new books, and boxes to play in! Must pounce on them before anyone else can. Those boxes are mine for a box fort! Maybe I can get Terry and Kathy to help with the tape. Fur and tape don't get along very well.

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That's it for now. A box fort is calling my name. Bye! 

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