Saturday, August 27, 2011

My Spying Days are Done... For Now

Why does it never fail that the best ideas come out of the most awkward situation? Ok so I'm getting ahead of my self. Let me start from the beginning. So after my last blog I decided to tap more into my spy senses. You see I love love love creeping on people from up above on the top of shelves with the unsuspecting victim completely blind to my being up here. And when they least expect it, POUNCE! (heheheheheh) But over the last few creepings I started to realize that people were actually seeing me up above and just pretending I wasn't there. So I figured that I'd try creeping from below. At night when I have the library to myself I turn it into my own personal workout facility. I jump, I pounce, I run, I climb, and my biggest secret of all..... I read! I pull the books off the shelves and discover new ways to enhance my super spy skills. After a few days of practice I decided to put them to the test....

The Library had just opened and no patrons had come yet. I slipped out the inner door and into the foyer when the first patron came in. I tripped on her feet and she saw me. That tattle tale told Erin and she came out to get me. I tried again as the patron was leaving. I stayed right on her heals and out I went. (hehehehe) She didn't even catch a glimpse as I slid under the table out there. I stayed out there for quite some time, enjoying the warm sunbeams streaming in through the glass. After a while I started to get bored, however, the door had swung shut seconds after I had slipped out and I was now stuck in the foyer. Plus I really had to use the litter box. Part two of the spy plan...become friends with the "enemy". I peaked through the window and saw Erin staring back at me. I darted into the corner just as she was opening the door. I raced between her feet and through the open door. Seeing this as a game she tore down the aisle after me. I zoomed around the corner and waited. Just as she appeared I pounced at her and out of her mouth came a scream. I started laughing and took off running. I rounded the next corner and there she was, waiting for me. I jumped 12 inches into the air! And in that moment I realized that spying just wasn't for me. I didn't have the nerves of steel required for the job. With my feet planted firmly back on the ground I sheepishly slunk away, only to have Erin scoop me up in her arms to give me a big hug. I was super embarrassed after being surprised, and just wanted to hide. Erin hugged me and gave me a kiss and told me that she loved me... It was in that moment that I realized that my true calling wasn't spying but rather sharing a bit of love with those who are close to me. This is never something that one should take for granted. So I now lay curled up at Erin's feet, listening as she works away, happy to have this place that I call home.

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