Friday, September 30, 2011

Falling Plants, Mutilated Nails and Grinding Teeth

Update from last week. The teen group looked great on their float, however the float gods didn't smile down on them and sadly they didn't win anything.

For today's library news update, the top stories are falling plants, mutilated nails and grinding teeth. Today's work day started off with normal traffic flow no tie ups or crashes down the book shelf asiles. I was throwing together a quick morning work out (I was busy sleeping all night and didn't do my jumping exercises), when Josh came running at me with a very much alive cricket! I jumped up and darted to the top of the information center. This lovely piece of furniture is about 6 feet tall and is just out of jumping distance for the crickets. Now don't get me wrong, I love crickets, just as long as they are wounded or not very active. When they can out jump me, that's when they become a problem. So I was now up on my perch, hiding behind a plant and trying to escape this extra crazy cricket. When I thought that Josh had finaly left me alone I turned around and there he was. I back peddled so fast that I wasn't watching where I was going. I knocked the plant off and brought everyone to a fit of laughter.

I climbed down and tried to settle into my chair, hoping for a nice nap. Erin and Vickie had other plans. Erin pounced on me and tied me down. She gagged my mouth and told me to be quiet. While she did that, Vickie pinched each of my toes, forcing my claws to poke out. She then took out a giant machete and started to hack away at my claws. I squirmed and tried to fight my way out but Erin kept me pinned down. I screamed and hollered to no avail. Finally, after what felt like an eternity, they stopped and let me go. My poor toes! My lovely claws that I had worked so hard to grow and sharpen were filed down to nubs. At this point I figured that there was no way that my day could get any worse. But of course, it did.

Just as all the torturing had stopped, the most horrid noise started echoing thoughout the library. A rumbling, growling, terrible screeching filled the air. I ran for cover, scared to know what was coming for me. I knew that this must be the end. My little kitty life was over. A monster was coming to have me for a snack. Tears squeaked out of my pinched closed eyes. This was it... Any second now... It was coming... It was taking longer than I thought...Maybe it stopped to have Erin for a snack on its way to me... Here it comes... Oh come on, where are you already? I opened my eyes and to my relief I realized that the noise had stopped and there was no monster in sight. I crept out of my hiding place. Cautious that it might still be out, I slowly searched the library, unable to find anything that could have made the noise. Just as I was about to give up it started back up again. I flew up into the air. The monster was right in front of me. The only problem was that I couldn't see it. The back door was keeping it outside. I knew that Terry had said that the door was having trouble opening so I figured that I was safe within its hold. I started to let my guard down just as the door swung open. Every hair on my body was standing on end. I could just make out its shadow through the bright light streaming in. I darted away, rushing to save myself. I turned around and saw Erin walking towards the monster! As scared of the monster as I was there was no way I was going to let it eat Erin! I raced towards her, preparing to die for her protection. The monster started to grind its teeth together. I yelled at Erin to get back! That monster was going to eat her! She couldn't hear me over the noise. I darted in between the monster and her. I raised my back and started hissing! The monster quieted. Erin scooped me up, and started telling that it was okay, that it wasn't going to hurt us. I looked out at the monster and realized that it wasn't a monster at all, but the city guys who had come to fix the door. I felt silly for having gotten spooked over nothing. But Erin hugged and thanked me for trying to protect her and I got a treat out of the deal. By now I was exhauasted and just wanted to sleep. Erin set me down and I curled up in my bed. And to think, all this happened before lunch. Lets hope this afternoon is not nearly as eventfull.

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