Thursday, September 22, 2011

Where Mold Spores Become Golden Nuggets

Over the last week the staff has been running around like chickens with their heads cut off. IT’S FALL FESTIVAL TIME! And just like last year we’re putting a float together. Erin and some of the teen group have been getting together the past two Tuesday nights and have been constructing some really crazy stuff. They connected some pool noodles together and filled the shape with balloons. It looked like she and the teens were building a model of a mold spore. Erin had once again totally confused me with her contraption. I chocked it up to her being a teensy bit crazy, (most librarians are) and went about my business for the evening. An hour or so had passed and I decided that I should probably go and check to make sure that the mold spore hadn’t decided to eat Erin or any of the other teens as a snack. They had covered it with paper mache and it now looked like a lumpy blimp. I was just about to compliment them on their fine art work when a large glob of flour water paste landed on my face. I tried to wipe the gloppy mess off and it got tangled in my whiskers. It covered my paws and I couldn’t flick it off. I walked away hoping to be able to wash it off in the sink. I looked back and I realized that I was leaving little white foot prints everywhere that I went. I screamed, frustrated to be covered in this gloppy mess. Erin was having all the teens clean up the mess, when she heard me making my lament. She took me and washed the goo out of my fur as best as she could. Days later the mold spore blimp was taking further shape. Terry had tied it to a trash can, and Erin, Terry and Alice spray painted it gold. Terry and Alice both agreed that it looked like a golden nugget. Too bad we couldn’t cash it in for a new library. They all started calling it the Golden Globe Award. Everyone on the float is to be dressed like different countries, showing that the whole world is celebrating Valley’s Fall Festival. I’m really hoping we win a prize. The group did last year so the chances are pretty good that we’ll win again. Erin said this year’s float is cooler than last years. Let’s cross our fingers and hope for the best. I’ll keep you updated on our prize status! Until next week…
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